Collection data disappears, permissions reset

Hi Strapi community,

I have two collections (A and B) and a new field on a third collection (C) that gets “reset” with an unknown cause. The collection items disappear and the API permissions are reset to no permissions when this happens. The new field on collection C is also cleared. I see this issue come up often in the community, but I would appreciate some help trying to debug this issue.

Some ramblings:
-We moved to Docker in the past 2 months, but I don’t think that is related - this seems to have happened before that migration. We are using the dockerfile verbatim from the documentation here (Docker | Strapi Documentation)
-Do we know when Strapi would ‘cull’ unused tables and data? It’s baffling that this behavior seems completely random and not tied to a deployment, running locally, etc…
-I’ve tried deleting / recreating the collections, but I don’t see any significant difference in generated code.
-One suggestion I see often from a Strapi engineer is to make sure we aren’t inadvertently using SQLite - I’m virtually certain we are successfully using Postgres. Our startup info block says so, and I can see data populating in the Postgres database.

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Sounds like multiple users share same database

Eg if you have dev1 and dev2 both connected to same database, and dev2 for instance changes branch where he don’t have the exact structure of content types

Then boom the data gone

<@632956853122236457> I think we found it! I mentioned our recent migration to Docker. it turns out the old instances were still being started when that (repurposed) server was rebooted, wiping our collections.

Your comments got me there - thanks very much for the help.

Glad you found it