Collection of things you can't do anymore in v4

We’ve recently started the migration of some of our strapi projects to v4. Atleast we are trying.
However from day to day we find things that make it more and more complicated to even consider migration of the production apps to v4.

For me it seems like strapi decided to dump many usefull features (features that could be used for doing heavy lifting stuff) just because strapi wants to be more attractive to customers that might not be able to do heavy lifting stuff.

  • It’s a joke that you have to use a node_module for deep population or trial & error around until you archieve something with deeply nested populate { “*” } abominations.

  • Heavy data-manipulation is also not possible anymore because lifecycle-Hooks like beforeUpdate are missing the actual data of components in dynamic zone or components.

Why would you remove that?

Somewhere I also have read that multiple databases are also not possible anymore (but will look into this later).

So I would like others to share things that they’ve noticed that are not possible (or much harder to do) in strapi v4.