Column name translations

Is there a way to translate column names? For example - if I have translations file with identifier “user_username” and I use that in edit view (for Users in this case) for a field name - it will be translated. But, if I use the same identifier as column name - then it just outputs that string, which is basically of absolutely no use if you are translating UI - since you can not translate everything.

This is the place I am talking about:

I really hope there is a way, or it can be easily resolved.

Not sure how I feel about this, but my opinion is heavily biased as a software engineer. Also, I don’t know your project and how valuable this feature is.

Whilst you’re building a UI for non-english speaking users to use so they can contribute to the content managed by Strapi, you will be mixing terminology/naming between what is called X (language 1) and Y (language 2).

The mixing of terminology/naming and understanding is the crux of most issues in software and infrastructure.

TLDR: I don’t think translations are available on the fields in the Admin UI. Keen to learn if it is.

My intent is to translate “labels” on columns - not the fields themselves (I always use English for code & db stuff, even though I am not native speaker). If I have a German user, I want to have Benutzername instead of Username - for example. This is all.

In edit view, if I use a label user_username and have that string defined in my translation fields - that is used, but for column names not. Probably just the case that i18n logic is not used for column names - for now. If so, it would be quite easy to implement this with just a formatMessage call for each column.

So - this question if NOT for the content but purely for UI. This way German user has UI in german and can have content in whatever language it wants, as well as English user.

The current situation leads mixed languages since parts of the UI can not be translated to user’s preferred language.

Just found a way :slight_smile:

All entries in JSON files (or by preprocessing) need to be prefixed with “content-manager.containers.ListPage.table-headers.” + exact fieldname (from DB).