Combine returned values in findMany


I want to combine returned results in Strapi Engine Query API. I have this code in my findMany function

populate : {‘select’: [field1, field2, field3]}

I want to get result as field1 + field2 + field3 like in SQL , where I can do select x, y, x+y as z from somewhere

Thanks in advance.

Here is an example I did for another user on the REST API. TBH you really should not be using the query engine, you should be using the entity Service and the same syntax you use with REST will work exactly the same with the entityService.

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Thank you.

could not find anything, just init commit

Hello @DMehaffy,

I read in the documentation also that we should prefer entityService over queryEngine and I do, but could you provide an argument as to why is that?
Does entityService return something more or less than query engine? Does it provide us with some sanity and securitiy checks that query engine doesn’t?

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To answer the question
1 plugins like i18n can add middleware on the entity-service layer.
2 dynamic zones only exists on the entity service layer the query-Engine sees them as just normal relationships

Thank you @Boegie19