Component's fields not showing on API response

Hi everyone, I’m trying to build a blog with Strapi but, I’m facing a problem with the REST API.
This is the situation:
I have a dynamic zone called “sections” where I’m able to place sections of the page, and one of these sections - called “home-banner” - is made of 2 components.

The problem is that the content of these components are not returned at the API

Here are some screenshots to give more details:

request URL: http://localhost:1337/api/pages?populate=*&filters[slug][$eq]=&[locale][$eq]=en&

Component view on editor page:

Component view on content builder:

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Hi @Hedg0305 . For the Dynamic zone, you need to define the name of dynamic zone. you can try to populate using Deeply populate a dynamic zone with 2 components section in below docs.

If this doesn’t work, you can use the solution provided here

I am not entirely sure if the question is answered. I am having a similar challenge. Component data is not part of API response (list and id).

I can’t define requested fields/components in the query because the content may differ based on schema types. Is there any way to allow default get queries to return deep structure data, i.e., parent and the components of the content?

Append at the end ?populate=* to your request URL to get all related component values.

Example: api/movies/1?populate=*


Wouldn’t it make the queries more costly?

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Hi @Hedg0305,

You need to create URL in a particular format to get the data from the multilevel components.


//Brandings => Your content in the content manager
// [fonts] and [palette=> This is my components

You will get all the results if you proper create the URL>


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