Configure indexes with Strapi and MySQL

Hi everyone!

I want to configure indices in my MySQL database but I’m not sure if this should be configured through the strapi administration panel or directly by entering MySQL and configuring the indices there. What do you recommend me?

I read the DOC and it says the following:

You can apply basic validations to attributes. The following supported validations are only supported by MongoDB database connections. If you’re using SQL databases, you should use the native SQL constraints to apply them.

required (boolean) - If true, adds a required validator for this property.
unique (boolean) - Whether to define a unique index on this property.
index (boolean) - Adds an index on this property, this will create a single field index (opens new window) that will run in the background. Only supported by MongoDB.
max (integer) - Checks if the value is greater than or equal to the given maximum.
min (integer) - Checks if the value is less than or equal to the given minimum.

Thanks for help!!

seems like “index”: true does nothing in v4 if added to schema and rebuild. so i guess its a manual change in mysql then

Can I index any custom fields directly on Mysql Server ? Will it cause any effect on strapi Api?