Configure View changes not shown in git status

I am making some label and layout changes locally by clicking on configure the model but these changes are not shown in git so I can’t push them to prod version. Is this expected? These changes are stored directly in db and not in schema files?? Do I need to make these same changes on prod interface again?

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Form layout changes are stored directly in your local database, hence these changes could not be commited via git commands. You have two options:

  1. To change manually form layout on your prod server
  2. To migrate your local DB data into remote
    P.S. I would prefer firts method, due to its simplicity compared to the second method

Thanks for your response. I ended up doing the first option since I didn’t know about 2nd and moreover didn’t wanna take risk with prod.

The config sync plugin is also a good option if you do want to commit them into source control