Connecting Elasticache to Strapi?

I was able to connect my Strapi application to a local instance of redis using this guide: Caching in Strapi with REST Cache Plugin

However, the real instance I’m trying to connect to is AWS Elasticache. Saw this document (Strapi AWS Integration Guide — Restack), which says that using Elasticache. Any idea how I can adjust the rest-cache-plugin to work with Elasticache?

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Connecting Strapi to Redis and AWS Elasticache?

You would need to build a provider for it

You can look at these and see how they are built:

<@211722558385553408> followed this guide for creating local providers here: Providers | Strapi Documentation

But I’m getting this error, even after running an npm install:

Error: Could not load REST Cache provider “elasticache”. You may need to install a provider plugin “yarn add strapi-provider-rest-cache-elasticache”

Yeah that plugin isn’t owned by us so that documentation doesn’t apply to the REST cache plugin

you’ll want to copy how the REST cache providers are built, not ours.

Yeah I’ve copied exactly how theirs our setup but am still not able to find it

I have it defined in package.json like:

“dependencies”: {

no to run that command you’d have to publish it to npm first you would just install your modules

so npm install

To be honest you don’t really need a specific provider for elastic cache

the usual redis provider should work since the redis plugin uses ioredis: connecting to AWS ElasticCache · Issue #689 · redis/ioredis · GitHub

Yep looks like this is exactly what I needed! Adding the tls: {} fixed my issue!