Content Lock with multiple editors in admin

A client is going to have up to 17 people using the Admin.
They’ll be editing content and there’s a high probability some users will be in the same Edit Collection Type Page, is there a system in place that would allow them to edit the content or will the last person saving end up overwriting all of the data?


Hi @GalloDaSballo

For the moment there isn’t a system to manage that, but this thread can be useful to discuss what could be implemented and how :+1:

We did some research on how we could manage concurrent edition while working on the Draft&Publish feature a couple of months ago. We didn’t have enough visibility on the different use cases that could impact, especially with the upcoming i18n feature, so we sidelined it.

Hey @sam-pires

The simplest solution would be to prevent others from editing until the first person editing is done.
An alternative (perhaps even simpler) would be to simply show a message in the top right
(Careful: XYZ is currently editing!)

If my clients were to implement this as a one off, do you think there’s a “clean” way to do this with a plugin, or would we need to customize the Admin panel?

I’m happy to also recommend them to push a PR for this, do you have some advice on how to code it?

A solution I recommended my client is to customize the Admin Panel to Inject a simple component in the sidebar in the Edit Single Collection Type Page.
This component can then talk to a external server (or a custom route) to set that a user is in the editor
If another user enters, they can then see a full screen modal preventing them from progressing


Why not allow concurrent editing as google docs? It would be very useful to see another people editing at the same time. People is getting used to this experience in Office 365 also.

Maybe Yjs could help. GitHub - yjs/yjs: Shared data types for building collaborative software

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Anybody ever implemented this?
I’m looking for a plugin that does this for Strapi v4.

My application has many editors with a high possibility of multi-editors on the same article. Hence, having a locking functionality is a compulsion in my case. Do we have any solution for this?

I have added it to the product roadmap for it to be upvoted. I actually think this should be a core feature, not a plugin.

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