Content model changing - looking for best practice


Ive deployed as strapi instance from a boilerplate ive created. Things worked fine. But the boilerplate cointains a “collections” collection type.

Previously i figured i could rename this, but this broke things. After research, i get why.

So, i built a new collection type and deleted the already existing one locally through the UI. Everything worked fine after, so i pushed and merged the changes. But, things broke in the production enviroment.

So, i added back the API files of the deleted “collections” collection type, and pushed the changes. I figured that, there must still be a reference to that collection type in the DB so if i’d just put back the API files things should work again. Sadly they dont…

So my question here is:
What is considered best practice when it comes to deleting and or renaming collection types?
Right now it seems that there is a no room for reconsideration workflow.

Production enviroment: Heroku, Postgress