Content on pages with dynamic route segment

Hi, I am using Strapi CMS with Next.js. I have created a Page collection (with dynamic blocks) together with a Catch All Route in Next.js so that the client can create new pages on his own. Let me explain the problem I am facing:

For example, let’s say I have a route /products/[id]. In the CMS I have a Product collection that has info about the product. Heres the problem tho, the detail page usually has other content that should not be in the Product collection and is the same for all such pages. How should I handle this? Creating a Product Detail Page single collection or something like that seems not ideal to me. It makes the most sense to me, that this should be handled in the Page collection together with a Product Detail Block component or something like that. But how would I handle this both in the CMS and in the Catch All Route?

So my question basically is, what is the standard way of doing this. I will appreciate any help or materials that I can look into <3.