Content Type, why Display Name recommend to be Singular? API ID Singular and Plural?

System Information
  • Strapi Version v4.0.7:
  • Operating System Windows 10:
  • Database SQLLite:
  • Node Version v16.13.0:
  • NPM Version:
  • Yarn Version:

When creating a new Content Type (Creating Content-Types - Strapi User Guide) the guide

Check the API UID to make sure the automatically pre-filled values are correct. Collection type names are indeed automatically pluralised when displayed in the Content Manager. It is recommended to opt for singular names, but the API UID field allows to fix any pluralisation mistake.

But why is it recommend that we opt for singular names?

In the dashboard if 1 have more than 1 entry in collection type the singular name still appears. In the case of the collection type it would makes more sense if it was pluralized. WordPress has there “Post Types” pluralized in their admin. eg “Posts”.

The Strapi API end point is pluralized eg : http://localhost:1337/api/restaurants

Can someone explain the purpose of the API ID Singular and Plural?

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I am wondering the same! My first use case was about a news collection. So that as an unaccountable noun it doesn’t matter. It must be news in the plural and singular, but the system doesn’t allow it.