Controller functions don't reflect on ctx?

Following this guide, I add a new controller to override the find functionality: Controllers | Strapi Documentation Although the find function was performed and results are there, the ctx is not updated. reads status 404 and doesnt even have things like ctx.queries set. DO i need to change anything about the middleware ?

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Can you share your controllers/.js code and precisely where you are inspecting the ctx object

I would have to see the controller you made to help

  • I have a content type called tarif.
  • I define the controller in src/api/tarif/controllers/tarif.ts and it works for client API requests. But internally it has these issues:
export default factories.createCoreController('api::tarif.tarif', ({ strapi }) => ({
    async findOne (ctx, next) {
        //ctx.status here is still 404 - okay
        //ctx.query here is {} - why ?

      const successfulFind = await super.findOne(ctx)

      //ctx.status here is still 404 - why? The client gets a 200 though?
      //ctx.query here is still {} - why ?
      return successfulFind

Although in the docs found here Controllers | Strapi Documentation there is exactly that example code:

module.exports = createCoreController("", ({ strapi }) => ({
    async find(ctx) {

      ctx.query = { ...ctx.query, locale: "en" }; // force ctx.query.locale to 'en' regardless of what was requested
      const result = await super.find(ctx);
      return result;

I don’t see what I’m doing differently. I wonder at what step/in which middleware the status and query is set. I do not experience this behaviour in e.g. the users permissions plugin, both query and status are correctly set in their respective points in their lifecycle

okay this is getting weird. Now ctx.query is defined, but ctx.status is still 404.

strapi::responses middleware should be handeling that

thought about that. I found a workaround for now :

oh yes I did :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

export default factories.createCoreRouter('api::tarif.tarif', {
  config: {
    find: {
            middlewares: [
                async (ctx, next) => {
                    if(!ctx._ignoreHooks?.find?.before) {
                        await hooks.beforeFind(ctx)

                    await next();
// everything is now available from here on:
                    if(!ctx._ignoreHooks?.find?.after) {
                    await hooks.afterFind(ctx)

so one just needs to let it run the controller function and whatever comes after that. then, before the request is being returned to the client, it is all there

Did you forget to call next in your middleware lol

before i just used the controller

Still it is wired that with a controller it bugs

so now i solved the issue with a middleware. after the controller function is being run in the middleware, I’m having the proper ctx

sorry for having me implementing my own lifecycle functions but the official way is… not working for me, to say the least

I am thinking to make a new plugin.

relational lifecycles.

Aka if you have a relationship and you edit it it should give you a life cycle

But I think it is worth opening a issue about the controller being wired maby