Copy Link Media Library not working

Hello community,

I would like to get your help with strapi, I have a problem in the strapi manager specifically in the media library, when I try to copy the link of an uploaded file does not work, nothing happens, I have tried to reinstall the manager, update the version of strapi and still no solution. it would be of great help if I find help here.

System Information
  • Strapi Version v4.11.2:
  • Operating System Linux ubuntu 22.02:
  • Database mysql:
  • **Node Version18.16.1:
  • **NPM Version9.5.1:
  • Yarn Version:


What provider are you using?

hi, i am using local provider

Mind pasting a copy of the link it gives you in chat?

it seems a bug of media library, but these is a work around .
don’t open your strapi via domain address. on your server ,open the strapi via localhost:prot/admin .

Same issue

I have the same issue, but only when it runs on Debian.
When I run it via docker container locally on my windows - everything is working. When I build and run it with exactly the same Dockerfile on Debian (on remote machine) - I have this issue.

I’m using S3 provider (on windows and on debian)

It’s not only media library related - any “copy” button not working:

  • API Token → when I create a token copy button is not working - but it’s ok since i got full token anyway
  • Invite a User → I’m not able to copy invite link, to get the invite token i have to go to the database - it’s real problem.

Do you have the same issue with API Token/Invite user?

Make sure your browser doesn’t block the clip board for the site.

If you are using strapi via domain address with http protocol (insecure), the browser automatically blocks the clipboard.


  • Use local host or https protocal or
  • Go to the ‘unsafely treat insecure origin as secure’ flag in the browser and add your site (this is less recommanded, since it is unsafe).
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thank you, this works. I couldn’t find the flag, need to manually enter this url in your address bar, and then add the website url without any quotes:

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