Core Store Data Loss Issue

Core Store Data Loss Issue

Bug Description

On our current Strapi setup, everyday, overnight the core_store is losing some entities. Since one of our latest releases the latest entities/models that we’ve added are not regenerated, leading to a loss on permissions related with those same entities.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Some entities on core store are loss overnight
  2. If I restart the webapp service it regenerates the core_store appropriately with all the entities
  3. But, the permissions related with those entities are lost and need to be recreated
  4. Logs don’t show any crash on Strapi
  5. Staging environment doesn’t show same behavior. Possibly related with multi container setup in production?

Expected Behavior

Core Store to not lose the entities


NodeJS version: 10.21.0
Strapi Version: beta.17.8
Database: Pgres
Strapi Environment Setup: Azure AppServices with multiple Containers

Additional context

I know we should upgrade our strapi version but due to breaking changes and being a huge application we can’t prioritize this at the moment. So trying my luck to understand if someone faced this or might know the root cause or a workaround until we are able to migrate.

i have face similar issue when i start multi strapi instances in parallel. I am using strapi in AWS fargate, but my version is 3.6.8 and node 14. you should seriously think about upgrading to latest strapi.