Cost-Efficiency Between EC2-Hosted SQLite and S3 for Strapi Hosting

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Hello everyone,

I’ve recently started hosting Strapi on an EC2 instance and came across a dilemma that I’m hoping to get some insights on. With Strapi, you have the option to store your data in a SQLite database, which can then be accessed directly on EC2. My question revolves around the cost-efficiency of this method versus connecting Strapi to an S3 bucket for data storage.

In essence, I’m curious about which of the two approaches would be more cost-effective in the long run. Would leveraging SQLite on EC2 itself help in cutting costs, or would the integration with S3 prove to be more economical despite the additional steps for data retrieval and management?

Any advice or experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated, as I navigate through the best setup for my use case.

Thank you!