Create a custom page for admin

Hi guys
I know how to create new API endpoints for my application but some of these new features should be used in my admin panel only. Let me clear it by an example:
I have an API that updates a user credit for admins only. I don’t know how to create a new admin page and use this API and form on it.

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So, now do you have only the APIs? Without front-end?

You can use Strapi’s UI with limited permissions for that.

Yes, I have all my APIs up and running.

@sunnyson Thanks for your reply. What is the best practice for this issue? Should I develop another admin panel for custom functionality? Then I have 2 Admin panels and one client-side website.
I have an API that when admins submit a form it will recharge the user’s credit. I’m not sure how to handle this problem.

I found this link to Strapi admin front-end development