Create a Job Board Website Using React and Strapi

A job board is a platform to post job vacancies and search for jobs. It allows employers to find employees faster by searching for potential global candidates. A typical job board platform supports searching and filtering open jobs and has a form for applying for positions. Examples of standard job boards are Strapi, Upwork, Indeed, or Fiverr.

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Thanks for this great Tutorial, it works nearly out of the box.
Maybe someone will create a starter-template from?

For further reader, i suggest to have a look into

  • joblist vs. jobslist
  • initial folder structure after npx create-strapi-app
  • u mentioned Yarn, but only once
  • /pages/test in last index.js
  • may a local issue, in dashboard.js near 177, i had to remove a < br / > is a another standard free job posting site allows employers to post job listings and employees to find jobs, Check out.