Create items for different collection types in one view?


Trying to implement a backend that allows me to create courses, chapters and then the lesson for that chapter in a way that is not difficult to edit. Right now with the way it is I have to add each individually and then link them together which is very difficult for the client.

I have thought about:

  1. Having a collection type of courses and then this would contain a component called ‘chapter’ which would have a name and then a relation so i could add lessons.
    This is not really viable though because it would mean having all of the lessons (possibly thousands) stored in one place

  2. Having the lessons be a component that i can add to each module and then this component will have a dynamic zone which i can add content too. I know strapi doesnt like nested more than 2 tiers but this seems like the most ideal solution. I have added a dynamic zone through the json file but it displays ‘dynamic zone not available’… Ie it doesnt show in the UI.

These are the old ways I can think of. Am I missing something?
Anybody know any more info about this?