Create pages on the fly with Dynamic Zone - Strapi

Before I start, I have to make sure you are the right person to read what will follow.

This article will explain in details how you can create pages on the fly with Strapi using Dynamic Zones for a Next.js website. It is therefore intended for developers as it will be quite technical.

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Hi! Great article!

There is a way (do you plan to write an article?) to do it with Nuxt.js ?

I know it is possible with Storyblok but I would like to try it with Strapi!

Thank you!

Hey Yves,

have you ever tried this tutorial step by step yourself? Because I did it and it does not work. The next app still just displays the default next page. You missed to tell to delete the ./client/pages/index.js and to install the “dlv” package.
After that part where you see the data in console printed out, you tell us to create some files. I did as written but I just see a blank page. Clearly there is something missing. Unfortunately I’m not in next.js to just know whats missing. Can you help me here?

Cheers Hauke