Create strapi app of fork version Strapi

Hello, everyone.
I apologize if my question sounds silly, however, I am confused and ask for help.
I made a fork of the “strapi/strapi” repository. I want to make some changes to it. After the changes are made, how can I create a project based on my codebase instead of the original Strapi?
When I running create-strapi-app.js file it’s still create strapi project from the original repository strapi/strapi. Maybe, anyone knows how can I do it?
Thanks in advance for the answer.

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struglling with same issue :frowning:

Did you figure this out? I had to make one tiny change to prevent webhook from being triggered for one specific model.
But now I am stuck on getting to use that fork.
Attempts to use the forked repo in package.json always fails because the version mismatches.
I’d appreciate any hint in this, thanks :slight_smile: