Create User Profile after User Registration with User Permission Extension

Hi, I am currently trying to make a simple voting application using strapi v4.

My use case would be when the user registers in the app using the endpoint “/api/auth/local/register”

I would want to create a user profile record with the user id result of the user registration from the user-permission plugin, then add a new record of the user profile.

Sample Process Flow would be like: User Register > User record created > User Profile Created > Success

I have tried using lifecycle methods to extend such as

in the directory “./src/extensions/user-permissions/models/user.js”

'use strict';

module.exports = {
    lifecycle: {
        async afterCreate(result, data) {
            console.log("im am in lifecycle");

But when I try to register a user, the lifecycle method is not being called. I also tried to use the documentation in Docs but I do not fully understand how to use it.

Would you be able to advise or direct me to a tutorial or a blog where I can learn how to do what I want to accomplish?

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