Create Video Summary with Next.js and Open AI

In the previous tutorial, we completed our Dashboard and Account pages. In this section, we will work on generating our video summary using Open AI and LangChain.

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{“error”:“429 You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details. For more information on this error, read the docs:”}

Getting this error again and again for newly created Open AI key. This is reference to part 6 of video summary blog. Can anyone help me out to resolve this issue ?.

You may have exceeded you free limit when using Open AI. You will need to add more credits to you open ai account.

I created new account and generated new secret key however it is giving same error.

Do i need to pay for usage of open ai APIs now or any configuration i need to set?

i get some errors about youtube-transcript:

FROM OUR ROUTE HANDLER: ReadableStream { locked: false, state: 'readable', supportsBYOB: false }
Error processing request: YoutubeTranscriptError: [YoutubeTranscript] TypeError: fetch failed

how to fix it?