Creating a membership

Hi, I am quite new to this but find it very fascinating.
I am wondering what others use to create a membership in relation to Strapi.
I have experience with WP and different kind of membership plugins but is all kind of clunky, so if I want to replace WP fully what possibilities are there to connect with a back-end where people can login to follow courses i.e.?
I see front-end like Gatsby, etc but that isn’t really front-end and still there is front-end with login page etc.
So what how do you do that?

I’m not sure what you mean by a membership relation, can you explain a bit more?

So when I want to change from WP membership to a membership which would be easily connected with Strapi, what would be the best option(s). Maybe I am thinking to complicated, but try to get an image in my head how the structure would look like in that case. Hope this is more clear.

I think the question refers to creating tiers of (paid) membership access for specific content, like say paid bronze, silver, and gold access to tutorial content. I have a similar problem to solve as @Angelluc, akin to creating a Learning Management System. Leaning toward using Strapi for the backend (and Next for the front).

Any insights/leads into how to build membership roles and tie them to users who have paid up (using Snipcart or whatever)?

Is there a specific area or question that isn’t clear? The roles systems (end user roles), and the policies to add custom logic would be able to handle most of the security for the paid entries. For something like this I would recommend playing around and understand how the requests work along with the auth system.

For setting user roles, that would likely require some custom routes/controllers most likely but it depends on the resource you are using to manage the payments, ect.