Creating a simple list of strings

I’m trying to move from a manually created system over to strapi and so far i’m loving it. One thing I can’t seem to figure out though are lists/arrays of strings/numbers. I was able to create a component that had a single string in it, and then I used that component in a collection (as repeatable). That allowed me to add a list/array of those strings to a collection. The api response with that setup is quite a bit more verbose than it needs to be. For example, let’s say I want to create a playlist of vimeo IDs that is stored in an object as strings. In my current hand-coded json, it looks like this:


When I use strapi and a component in a collection, I get this:


Is there any way to create a simple list of strings/numbers like that first example (without using the JSON collection type, I want the people who need to enter this data to not have to know JSON formatting)? I could re-adjust all of my code to parse that new format, but I prefer the cleaner/less data intensive way that it looks currently.

EDIT: This is in V4

You can write your own controller code and get the response in any format which suits for your project. and that’s the only way i think :slight_smile:

I see not really a problem in the current solution.

Another solution could be:
You could create a entity strings with a addString-string-Attribute and a collectionOfStrings-text-Attribute.
With beforeCreate- & beforeUpdate-Lifecycle Methods you add the value of addString to collectionOfStrings and clear addString after that.

I have the same question. I feel that strapi support is not very good.

There are a few levels of “support”

You can get a paid version of the Enterprise License with dedicated Support.

Or you can use the community support but you are not guaranteed a answer on this.

Also I would customize the controller and do the work there to send it back

Once i know you’re online, can you help me with how to upload assets to azure? i’n tried many examples and they are not working

Would suggest create a topic about it and anyone can help.

I have done that but no response so far