Creating location-based content

Hi all,

I’m new here, hope everyone’s well!

I’m looking for some best-practice advice on a use case we have. We want to use Strapi as our CMS across multiple sites that are I guess location-based or localized. This isn’t a language requirement however.

Our team essentially run websites for subsidiaries of our business on separate domains - essentially there’s a UK site, a US site, a South African site etc. We need a way to model content to cater for this. For me in an ideal world we would be able to pass a locale to the API as an example to return the UK version of that content.

I could get around this by creating collection types for the different sites, but the layouts / models will be the same across those sites with nuances in the content per location, so ideally we should not be duplicating models to cater for this.

What we essentially need are content variations.

How could we potentially approach this?