CRON task doesn't running

I created a very simple task and don’t know what is the best way to debugg.

Someone know if lack nay code to run the task?

module.exports = ({ env }) => ({ jobSendCarta: { task: async ({ strapi }) => { console.log("Started!!!");"Teste"); }, options: { rule: "*/10 * * * * *", }, }, });

const jobSendCarta = require(“./cron-carta”);

module.exports = ({ env }) => ({
host: env(“HOST”, “”),
port:“PORT”, 1337),
cron: {
enabled: env.bool(“CRON_ENABLED”, true),
tasks: jobSendCarta,
app: {
keys: env.array(“APP_KEYS”),

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I found the bug, If I remove the ({ env }) it works.

Fixed removing ({ env }) and replaced to process.env.X

<@&812004048591913010> Is this a bug using env as a variable on params?

Read <#811989167357689917> and tell me what you did wrong

Sorry, I was wondering if I need to create an issue on GitHub.

Please tell me what you did wrong and I’ll consider this a warning.

Then I’ll answer your question

Is it wrong to put ({ env }) in module.exports ? Maybe I’m importing twice because the server.js uses ({ env }) too?

No I’m saying you shouldn’t ping mods lol

I read the rule, I shouldn’t have used it, sorry.

Your problem is probably the cron timer itself, your trying to run those cron in the milliseconds

That first * is the second and your dividing that by 10

The error doesn’t with cron timer, I just removed the ({ env }) and it works.

Ahhh interesting, probably because it’s not one of our normal config files <:ThinkEyes:642567846597230614>

If you do need the env helper you can use the const { env } = require('@strapi/utils')

I’m pretty sure you are hitting that bug [BUG] - Strapi cron missing `rule` option · Issue #19710 · strapi/strapi · GitHub

The options should be cron string

And remove the attribute rule