CURD Multi media like image with react expo

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hi i create a backend whit strapi
i create a content-type like this
name (text)

but I try and test every query with axios and fetch in react native(expo) but I can’t send image to strapi
please help meee
how can I send image to strapi with react native expo easily ?
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Welcome to the Strapi Community Forums @hassanra :cake:

I suggest you need to use populate

So you need to populate the media to access it

Hi, Thank you for response.
I use react native expo, I search in internet for three days :weary: :weary: :weary: but i couldn’t find any correct solution for expo.

NOTICE : All my queries are correct and work in postman for upload file to strapi or create any new entry that it has a image filed.
but when i want use in expo don’t work

please help me :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

I write all kind changes that I find in internet.

when I want create an entry, just create fields that not files.