Custom button in backend

Hello, i have just found strapi and played around in it trying to get a feeling for it.
I have a question. Is it posible to make a custom button next to the “edit” “delete” icons that sends a POST request? i need to create a QR-Code for the endpoint. i dont manualy want go to an other website and create a qr-code.

or should i just create my own backend and create all the items from there and send to strapi? that alows me to make this custom button to create the qr-code. but if i create my own backend, i dont realy need strapi.

Best regards.

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@soupette or @HichamELBSI I feel like we have answered this question before but I can’t find it. Was there a reference or an easy way to add a button in the Content-Type Manager? (IIRC it’s not easy)

Hi @erik_svensson, did you manage to do it maybe?