Custom controller without broking the query system

Hi guys, I recently read this very interesting Medium post.

This guys implemented this controller in Strapi V3:

module.exports = {
  async find(params, populate, { transacting } = {}) {
    const latitude=params._latitude;
    const longitude=params._longitude;
    const distance=params.distance;
    const isGeoQuery = latitude && longitude && distance;

    delete params._latitude;
    delete params._longitude;
    delete params.distance;

    const distanceInMilesSql=`
    ST_distance_sphere( point(latitude, longitude), point(${latitude}, ${longitude})) as distance`;
    const knex = strapi.connections.default;
    const filters = convertRestQueryParams(params);
    const model = strapi.models.item;
    const query = buildQuery({ model, filters });

    return model.query(qb => {
        console.log('Is geo query');
      withRelated: populate,
      publicationState: filters.publicationState,
    }).then(results => results.toJSON());

Here he customized the find controller maintaining the control over the other standard query parameters passed via URL.

I tried to implement this code in Strapi V4 but I discovered that the function convertRestQueryParams is no more available under the @strapi/utils package.

Do you have any solution to implement this exact find controller in Strapi V4?

Best regards