Custom field: Option select as relational selection

I am creating a custom field that is going to be a relational field with some added functions.

Right now, I am trying to figure out how to add an option to my list that lets the user select a collection-type from my app as the relation field’s relation.

      name: "nested-relation-list",
      pluginId: "strapi-nested-relation-list",
      type: "json",
      intlLabel: {
        id: "",
        defaultMessage: "Nested Relation List",
      intlDescription: {
        id: "",
        defaultMessage: "Add Relation",
      icon: PluginIcon,
      components: {
        Input: async () => import("./components/NestedRelationList"),
      options: {
        base: [
            items: [
                name: "Relation",
                description: "some desc",
                type: "select",
                  // I want to add as options, my other collection-types dynamically

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Relations aren’t supported in custom fields

really… that,s too bad :frowning_with_open_mouth:

So far it seemed like it would work I just couldn’t set the option of selecting a collection-type. I guess I’ll have to hardcode the collection I need and keep it to my own strapi instance

Maybe it could be in v5?

If you brave you can look how it’s done here GitHub - antokhio/strapi-plugin-categorizer