Custom reference field after register

Good morning friends, I come to make a consultation which I hope you can help me.

I am creating an API for an ecommerce for the sale of automotive parts, I have a model for the vehicles and a model for the parts. Each part is linked to a vehicle model which includes a name and years of manufacture.

When wanting to link a new part with a model, the view shows me the ID and it is a bit confusing to select by ID so I tried to change it to name and it works better, but if the name of a vehicle is repeated then I do not know what the year of the vehicle is. model that I want to relate to that part.

Then the idea occurred to me that when registering a new vehicle model, it would automatically enter a reference in an additional field in the registration. For example, take the name and the year and join them in a new string: “Toyota 4runner - 2008”, then I would configure the view to show the Reference field in the selection and thus be able to correctly select the model to link with the created part, the problem is that I have no idea how to create this custom function, if you can help me with some idea more or less of how to achieve it I would be super grateful.