Custom translation - overwrite /admin/src/translations/de.json


I’m new in using strapi - so far everything is good.
But i have a question :slight_smile:

I just add in my

contentId: 'app.components.BlockLink.create.content',
      titleId: 'app.components.BlockLink.create',

So now i want to add the strings to translation file.


  "app.components.BlockLink.create": "Projekt erstellen",
  "app.components.BlockLink.create.content": "Erstellen Sie in wenigen Schritten ein Projekt"

That’s show the right content - but as i see it don’t load also the original de.json
Is there a better way to only add the keys that i need and also keep loading the original de.json?

I know i can copy the whole de.json - but when something changes in strapi de.json i also need to redo it.

Best Regarads

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Hi @Messa,

Have you found any solution on this?

For anyone stumbling upon this, it’s in official docs:
for v4: Admin panel customization - Strapi Developer Docs
In v3, I suppose the same could be achieved by importing the json from node modules and extending with own as per Admin panel customization - Strapi Developer Documentation