Custom Upload Path for AWS S3

I am using strapi-provider-upload-aws-s3 plugin to store media content in S3 bucket. Is it possible to specify a custom upload path inside the bucket?

Yes while uploading the file you can specify the path:

This link no longer exists. What should I do now?

Hi @DMehaffy,

so the path can only be set by uploading programmatically ? We can’t set it on the admin panel when using the Media Library :frowning:

That’s correct for now, with post the initial v4 we will most likely start working on media-library folders.

(Path only works with the AWS-S3 provider anyway at the moment)

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I was able to get custom URL working yesterday with this package: strapi-provider-upload-aws-s3-plus-cdn - npm


how i can add path when i upload fili in admin panel?)

It’s not possible currently, only via the API as this feature is only an option when using the AWS-S3 provider and none of the others.

I believe once we are able to add native support for all providers we could probably add it in the admin interface.

Ok, i saw about S3 provider. But how i can make it in my Strapi?)

Hi, by the source code of s3 provider looks like we can specify the prefix by rootPath property in providerOptions.