Customer Access to Admin Panel?

What’s up party people. It’s been awhile since I’ve used Strapi and I’m considering it for a small headless CMS project.

If I recall correctly, users couldn’t access the admin panel unless they were manually invited. Is that still the case?

I’m hoping that this has improved, as it would be silly to have a CMS that customers couldn’t access.

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Reading through this article, it appears as though users can get an account created in one of two ways.

  1. Manually invited
  2. POST to create the user

Which would also mean that there is no native registration page/module for Strapi.

Ref Article:

This is still the cease for cumunity edition. how ever enterpise has SSO what allows you to loging trough a other provider what will create an acount for you

Want a clarification first do you want more admin or api users?

I want to give access to the admin panel, without the admin role. Like you’d see for an author or shop manager role on WordPress.

Then it is what you say here or getting enterprise with sso

They only thing we offer to allow users to self-register without an invite is as Boegie says with our SSO and that’s only avaliable in Strapi Enterprise

<@211722558385553408> any chance for this to be allowed in future? To have native pre-build registration page that can be enabled or disabled from settings?

Probably not, there is a lot of security concern around that and AFAIK there is no plans to have self-registering to the admin without SSO

I can count on one hand the number of people who have asked for that over the years so unless there is a ton of community votes on it, most likely won’t get added

Thanks for confirming. At least now I know. Most of our use cases involve giving users admin panel access to manage their accounts or content.

Just so i’m clear the person who dpeloys the strapi app has admin access and then you can manually log in and change the admin user to your customer?

Strapi Cloud users are not directly added or shared with the actual project users no. (if you are using Strapi Cloud)