Customize ckeditor 5 Link

Hi everybody,

I added the ckeditor 5 to my strapi project by the strapi market with the following command:

npm install @_sh/strapi-plugin-ckeditor

Then I only have this on my plugins.js file:

ckeditor5: {
    enabled: true,

The problem is that the Hyperlinks are not working as I expected, for both cases, If I want to open the URL in a new tab or in the same tab I have the same result (opens in a new tab)

Screen Shot 2024-03-25 at 17.15.39

so I’m trying to change some configuration of the Link like adding something like this for example (only for testing):

 link : {
   addTargetToExternalLinks: false

But I don’t know where to add it or if I have to extend the plugin, or if anyone has experienced this problem, I would appreciate your help

Thanks in advance.