Customize Strapi's webhook payload

I want to connect my MS Teams channel to my Strapi instance: any updates made on Strapi should replicate on MS Teams channel. MS Teams has Incoming Webhooks connector, so thats easy, but it requires its payload in a special format (see here for details).

I can either customize web-hooks within Strapi itself, so that the POST request from Strapi comes in the format MS Teams is happy with, or I’d have to build a middle-server which takes the POST request from Strapi, re-work the payload and send it back to MS Teams. I want to avoid the latter, too big a job.

How do you customise Strapi webhooks payload?


I need to do the same with Azure DevOps. @nirmalhk7, did you find a solution? I’m wondering if this could be accomplished with lifecycle hooks.

Hi there,
does anyone solved this issue?
I need custom payload in order to integrate Strapi webhooks with Github actions.