Customizing the welcome page in v4 (remove "Join the Community", etc.)?

In v3, it was so simple to modify parts of the Strapi admin.

How does one go about customizing the text and links on the Welcome page in v4? (or just removing the divs altogether)

How can I edit text in the left sidebar (e.g. change “Strapi Dashboard” to just “Dashboard”)?

Surely we don’t have to develop plugins just to make simple textual changes like this?


I am also interested about this.

I feel that the v4 lacks a lot of HTML customization for the admin-panel.

It would be great if we could easily change some wording using i18n strings of the admin-panel, or having the ability to hide/remove some divs.

Is it even possible actually, with a custom plugin?

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For change text on sidebar do it:

  1. Create app.js on src/admin/app.js

  2. Add this configuration:

export default {
    translations: {
      en: {
        "app.components.LeftMenu.navbrand.title": "Dashboard",
        "app.components.LeftMenu.navbrand.workplace": "...",
  bootstrap(app) {
  1. Save the file and run the command: npm run build

How about if I want to change the HTML? Thanks for your help.

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Fortunately, I don’t know exactly how to do this, but the documentation can give you some answers and maybe direct you to a solution.

*But I believe you need to build a strapi application where the front-end is separate from the back-end, with the front being a React application

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i want to change other text of components too. Can u send me link to the doc which describe those objects.

I couldn’t find this in the documentation anywhere but you can look in Strapi’s translations folder: node_modules/@strapi/admin/admin/src/translations/en.json. I assume everything in there is customizable by adding any of the keys to your own src/admin/app.js, but I’ve only tried the ones @Karytonn posted.


Here you could find what you want: