Data Import to Strapi in Google App Engine

I have deployed Strapi (v4) as a service within Google App Engine. However, this environment doesn’t allow one to run a ‘command’ within the Strapi container. It also doesn’t guarantee that any two http requests will hit the same Strapi instance. [All instances use the same database.] So it’s rather difficult to use the Strapi data transfer mechanism to migrate content into or out of the instance.

Technically, one should be able to use the content API (with a valid key) to import data from another Strapi instance with the same schema. Has anyone written a plugin that can do that?

I know I could probably attach another Strapi instance to the same cloud database, but that seems like overkill. What I am looking for is something like the Strapi ‘transfer’ command, but operating as a plugin and not requiring a constant instance as the source. [If there’s nothing like it, I may just write it.]