Data is not seen in the lifecycle hooks for the component inside a collection

I try to get the params from the lifecyclehook. The data for the component is not showing. Therefore, I cannot access to the data. Is there available options to reveal the data for the component inside the lifecycle hook event methods.

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Hi, I’m stuck with the same problem and it seams like this possibility has been removed in v4.
Btw we are not the only ones having this issue, in fact there is a feature request for this and you can vote for it here

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I found out another way to get the components data with raw query using strapi.db.connection() in lifecycles hook. I think you can also try like that. There may be another feasible solution for that. Welcome any suggestions.

const user = await strapi.db.connection
  .where({ id: });

Thank you for the tip :blush:
It seems a good workaround so I’ll try that way

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Yes seems pretty daft you can’t access the data easily, but after much digging I found this option to access the data

  async beforeUpdate(event) {
    const { data, where, select, populate } = event.params;
    const ctx = strapi.requestContext.get();

Although not sure how much it helps as there no obvious way to alter the data before saving it