Data Loss Due to Unknown Reasons 🤯

Strapi Version : 4.13.7
Operating System : Windows
Database : PostgreSQL 12
Node Version : 16.20.2
NPM Version : 8.19.4

Apparently I have the same problem. I copied my local project from partition D to C and reinstalled it. I then expanded “Extensions\User-Permissions”. After I started “npm run develop”, all data is gone?! It looks like my project did a “hard reset” on itself.

Has anyone had similar experiences? That looks so dangerous. :exploding_head:

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: I have used Strapi v3 for a long time where I have never experienced such problems.

Is the whole DB cleared or did you just not connect to the right DB?

If the DB is fully cleared of all content types that means that somone connected a strapi instance to that DB witout having any of the content types. what auto deletes all data.

Not really! The users, roles and their permissions have disappeared. :thinking:

I don’t know exactly about the other tables because I haven’t written any data into them yet.

First time I hear of this happening. users could disapear trough data transfer but roles and permissions should never disapear for the admin for users&permissions they can if you have un installed the U&P plugin

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