Data transfer - Beta (4.7.0-beta.x) is out

Hello community!

I’m glad to announce that the data transfer feature has been released in beta.

Data transfer allows you to easily move the data from one Strapi project to another.
We wanted to reduce the time needed and the efforts required to move your data from one Strapi project to another. If you want to synchronize the data between two environments of the same project or, more generally, if you want to move your data from one Strapi project to another, now you don’t have to necessarily deal directly with the databases.
Having a source and a destination Strapi instance, you just need to:

  1. Run your destination instance, access the Transfer tokens settings, create a Transfer token and copy it.
  2. From the CLI, navigate to your source instance folder, and run the command yarn run strapi transfer --to, pasting the Transfer Token generated in the destination instance
  3. Enjoy :blush:

You can find additional information in the beta documentation .

Please let us know your feedback! :slight_smile:


Got the chance to use this today!

My dev environments tend to be filled with dummy data, but today I was able to sync data from production that someone else has enterred, to my local environment, and the process was super easy and painless.

Awesome QOL feature!