Database error running "yarn develop"

I got a version of strapi running on AWS, but my changes seem to have gotten out of synch with my local repo, and when I try to run strapi locally, I get this error:

error bootstrap function in admin failed
[2021-08-30T14:04:13.004Z] error error: select distinct “strapi_permission”.* from “strapi_permission” left join “undefined”.“public”.“strapi_role” as “strapi_role_1” on “strapi_role_1”.“id” = “strapi_permission”.“role” where “strapi_role_1”.“id” = $1 - cross-database references are not implemented: “undefined.public.strapi_role”

I have a postgres DB in production that my production app connects to; but my local app was begun with sqlite3, then changed to postgres. Can anyone help identify the error?


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