Database issue with relation : 1 relation(s) of type api::test:test associated with this entity id do not exist

I got this issue in my production database but for other database it is working fine
error :
“data”: {},
“error”: {
“status”: 500,
“name”: “Internal Server Error”,
“message”: “An error occurred while updating the saved list”,
“details”: {
“error”: “1 relation(s) of type api::meditation-page.meditation-page associated with this entity do not exist”

below is the part of my code :

      await strapi.entityService.update(
          data: {
            saved_blogs: savedBlogs
              .map((item) =>
            saved_eats: savedEats
              .map((item) =>
            saved_features: savedFeatures
              .map((item) =>
            saved_meditations: savedMeditations
              .map((item) =>
            saved_workouts: savedWorkouts
              .map((item) =>

The issue is appearing only for the saved_meditations but for other it is working and structure for all of them are same .
Also the issue is very different it does works for some of the items in meditations table , but for the new items I add it is giving me the above issue .