Database migrations aren't working at all

I can’t get database migrations to run. I followed the instructions on Database migrations | Strapi Documentation but they don’t get triggered.

I can see that the changes aren’t applied, the log statements in the migrations don’t run, the migrations aren’t added to the migrations table. Basically, they don’t run at all.

I also tried to enable runMigrations in the settings even thought it’s supposed to default to true and that didn’t help either.

I created a migration file named 2024.05.16T00.00.00.migration-test-01.ts in database/migrations.

This is my test migration:

export async function up(knex) {
    console.log('Migration started')

    try {
        console.log('Migration done')
    catch (e) {
        console.log('An error occurred in knex', e)

Note that I’m on strapi 4.15.5 and using typescript.

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