Db migrations

I’ve got a question as I’m new to strapi. How do you guys manage db migrations? I’m a .Net dev and I’ve been using entityframework my whole career and it’s so easy to create a migration there. I’ve seen there is a plugin
Migrations | Strapi Market and I’ve read this article How to Migrating Content Between Environments Using Import Export Entries Plugin however when I try to export dev data with level 3 it just throws an error (also the error messages that are being returned to the user in strapi admin panel seem to me to have not enough details). The plugin page on github has a lot of issues and it’s kind of strange that there isn’t a feature or a plugin made by strapi official.
What are your ways guys of doing things like this? I’m going on production next week and I want to know how I can handle it.

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Do you find any solution for this plz

I ended up writing my own migration scripts because I had to migrate from a v3 database to v5. I didn’t have a ton of data but you can quite easily write your own migration scripts and insert content through the api or directly into the database.

Yes, I did. The plugin just simply doesn’t work anymore. Strapi should mark some of the content as obsolete, especially given the fact that they should be the masters of SEO. Here is the link to the right doc Database migrations | Strapi Documentation I’ve ended up writing my own knex.js scripts and running them against my db. I’ve also changed the way of working and I’m no longer clicking around the admin page in order to modify collections, but I just change the schema file myself. I’ve checked the Data transfer | Strapi Documentation and those commands seem to work, but you need to have 1:1 db structure.

Just send you a dm , im interested in your setup maybe we can figure something out together.