Deep filtering issues (performance issue) with Strapi Admin's Collection View with Author role

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 3.6.8
  • Operating System: Any
  • Database: Mongo
  • Node Version: 14

While managing content in Strapi Admin with Author role performance is really poor in Collection List view (/dashboard/plugins/content-manager/collectionType/ and console shows following problem:

warn Deep filtering queries should be used carefully (e.g Can cause performance issues).
When possible build custom routes which will in most case be more optimised.
debug GET /content-manager/collection-types/ (18969 ms) 200

There is no problem with Super Admin role nor with queries through Graphql API.

Is there something to do to avoid the problem? Some place to limit population or something since Collection List view’s table is not showing any relational information. Only Places name, Content available and State.

I tried to solve the problem with customizing place::service and limiting populated data but following has no effect to what is populated to REST query. Full data set is always returned. Logging is printed to console so this function is run during execution.

I have tried to assign multiple different arrays to populate param. For example [] and ["name"]

File: /api/place/services/place.js

module.exports = {
   * Promise to fetch all records
   * @return {Promise}
  find(params, populate) {
    strapi.log.warn("params", params);
    strapi.log.warn("populate", populate);

    return strapi.query("place").find(params, []);