Deeply populate a 2-level component with media and filter for a field REST API

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4.2.*
  • Operating System: MacOS Monetary as dev and Ubuntu as prod
  • Database: Latest
  • Node Version: Recommended Latest
  • NPM Version: Latest
  • Yarn Version: Latest

Its not problem to deeply populate the image:
GET /api/articles?populate[0]=seoData&populate[1]=seoData.sharedImage&populate[2]

but I would need to filter, if an field matches a certain value in the first population.
Here my code:


This returns the correct result but I have to filter in “sections”, which is the dynamic zone, for a field called “componentName”. The correct code for filtering is:


but then the images are gone. How can I deeply populate, filter for this value and still get the images/media?

Thank you very much.