Define custom conditions for CRUD permissions

Hello all,

I’m currently trialing the Enterprise Edition to see if it can suit my needs with respect to the role based access control.
Specifically, I’m interested in applying custom conditions to CRUD operations on a collection.
To illustrate my intention, I’d like to specify that some resource can only be deleted if it was created by the same user AND the resource is not published AND some other conditions.

I notice that some limited custom conditions are available through the admin platform’s Settings>Roles but these are insufficient and I am unsure of how to edit or create additional conditions. Is this possible to edit and if so, where should I be fiddling?


Thank you :slight_smile:

I guess (hope) that you already found your solution. However, in case someone else stumbles across this post now, Strapi have updated the documentation for this kind of custom implementation: Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) - Strapi Developer Docs