Deleting old fields from the api response

Hello guys!

I noticed that if I delete a field from a component or a collection/single type, the field remains in the api response. Is there any way to clean the old fields in order to avoid doing it manually?

You sadly have to drop these columns manually in your database. I use postgres so this is the way I had to do it PostgreSQL DROP COLUMN: Remove One or More Columns of a Table

Thanks very much for the response! Yeap, I am aware that we could do it like that but I was hoping that there is a better way to do it.

Yup it’s related to Deleting/Updating content-type doesn't drop/migrate the database · Issue #1114 · strapi/strapi · GitHub

This seems a little weird. I understand you don’t want to delete data but shouldn’t we able to choose to do this after we click a button that we understand data will be destroyed?

We will be automatically handling this in the v4 (adding native schema migration stuff)